Private Educational Institutions Employee Association

ஒன்றுபடுவோம் வாழ்வோம்

Founder’s message:

Dear my people,

In this modern world survival had become tough, and twisting of laws in favour of the corporates had resulted in severe economic constraints over the innocent household. Teachers being the classical example of common men are exploited economically by the private institutions all over the nation. This union is aimed towards obtaining and fulfilling the constitutional rights of the teachers, professors and non-teaching staff belonging to all the private institutions within the nation. Economic harassments thrust upon these innocent teaching fraternity are organized loot. It remains our last resort to gather together and fight for our families to survive in this hostile environment. By our union we strive to achieve our economic freedom and rights through peaceful and diplomatic methods. Kindly lend your support. Unity is strength. Thanking you!

– K.M.Karthik

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